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Raising a house requires careful preparation and attention to detail.  It involves raising a home above the current foundation and building a new foundation underneath.  House raising projects are most common along the coast of the eastern United States, especially in the wake of a natural disaster like a hurricane. 

House raising can also be done to add a new first story or expand a basement or crawlspace, in conjunction with an excavation service.  By lifting your home, you can save your home, add value and usable space, and avoid future damage.

Each house is unique when it comes to raising, due to the nature of how and when it was originally built.  Walnut Grove Builders, Inc. prides itself on being an expert in this field.  Our team has professional subcontractors that assist us through the entire project from beginning to the end.

Walnut Grove Builders, Inc. has successfully raised about thirty homes on the east coast from Cape May to Brick, NJ.  We are approved by the State of New Jersey, and you can always check our status on RenewJerseyStronger.org by typing Pathway Qualified Builders into the search bar and looking for Walnut Grove Builders, Inc.

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